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Store Front » MUSIC » CD » Pink Floyd The Early Years 1970 Devi/Ation 2 CD / 2 Dvd / Blu-Ray Set

Pink Floyd The Early Years 1970 Devi/Ation   2 CD / 2 Dvd / Blu-Ray Set

Pink Floyd The Early Years 1970 Devi/Ation 2 CD / 2 Dvd / Blu-Ray Set

52.20 EUR 56.25 USD

At the end of 1969 and in the early part of 1970, Pink Floyd recorded and mixed their contribution to Michelangelo Antonioni’s alternative view of US society, ‘Zabriskie Point’. 3 songs were released on the soundtrack album, and a further 4 in the expanded CD edition in 1997. Never released on one Pink Floyd disc, this volume compiles remixed and updated versions of the ‘Zabriskie Point’ audio material.

In the same year, Pink Floyd scored their first UK Number One album with ‘Atom Heart Mother’, a collaboration with Ron Geesin, and the audio includes the first performance for the BBC, featuring an orchestra and choir, as well as, on DVD, the original Quad mix.

Video material includes a full hour of Pink Floyd performing live at San Francisco cable TV station KQED plus extracts from historic performances of ‘Atom Heart Mother’, and material from French TV coverage of the St. Tropez festival in Southern France.
• Atom Heart Mother band-only versions
• BBC Radio session, Zabriskie Point mixes
• Concert footage and improvisations
• Atom Heart Mother original 4.0 Quad mix
• Replica memorabilia from the period


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